The Origin

In 2015, the director and dramaturge, Javi Bañasco decided to do a thorough research on “The creation of the visual Gag”. After months of investigation, collaborations and laboratories, Javi Bañasco generated a series of hypothesis and with his work team, he designed an entertaining, surprising and universal show: THE PROFESSIONALS



La ZITRICA deals with humour situations with common characters that face universal subjects. The message is easily understood by spectators of all ages and nationalities.
The goal: to create a mis-en-scene without borders or expiration date.


Comic-cosmic energy

La ZITRICA inspired in masters like Buster Keaton, Tex Avery or Jacques Tati, sum to his knowledge
on the gag other resource comics, like the parody, the absurd or the sitcom.
La ZITRICA shows are effervescent, clowning, and engaged with the audience.
La ZITRICA generates a universe of comic-cosmic energy that everyone will be able to enjoy.